It was fun when Clary would bring his guitar over in the evening after work. in the early 90s. We were mostly just unwinding, but also trying to compile a song list in anticipation of perhaps playing somewhere, and I'd snap a hidden tape recorder on, just for the fun of it. We never did go play, but ended up with a bunch of cassettes, the best moments of which eventually got strung together, creating a little fun tape called "2Cats"!

We were just a couple of old bass players muckin' around on flat tops, and some of it was pretty good, but it was his presence that made this tape something special. I think we were really just looking for an excuse to play the guitars, but we kept trying to develop a song list, stopping occasionally for refreshments(!). It was most fun though when we'd stray into open water, with Clary making up words on the fly, or we were trying something new and original.

Anyway, with no further ado, or reservations whatsoever (hehe), we shamelessly present,
and hope you find some enjoyment in..

- edited on dual-cassette-recorder (48min tape) -

SIDE 1 <> SIDE 2
(24 minutes per side)

Clarence Goyetche & Ronnie Banks