ShubieDo was a get-together that happened every summer out at John Jordan's place in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. It started in the early 2000s with some friends having a little in-house jam, and eventually grew to where we performed on an outdoor stage, attracting an audience of dozens :-)

It was just some old friends having a bit o' fun, and in many cases the only time we saw each other. Most of us, then in our 50s and 60s, didn't play a note from year to year, it was all off-the-cuff, unrehearsed, doing songs for the first time, etc., but it was really about the gathering, so if we did happen to play something of any consequence, 'twas a bonus.

Usually, someone decided to record the proceedings, stringing up a mic or two, no mix to speak of, with the instruments always seeming to over-ride the vocals, etc., so it ain't a great listen in that respect, but we hope you find some enjoyment in the...


Bob Glaze - Good Hearted Woman
Bob Glaze - Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Bob Glaze - Under The Boardwalk
Bob Murphy - Going Away Party
Bob Murphy - It Rains Just The Same In Missouri
Bob Murphy - Just One Time
Bob Murphy - One More Time With Feeling
Bob Murphy - When Two Worlds Collide
Dale Mallory - Memphis In The Meantime
Dale Mallory - Same Thing Happened To Me
Dale Mallory - Take A Walk On The Wildside
Mike Axworthy - Killin' Time
Mike Axworthy - On The Other Hand
Mike Axworthy - Sing Me Back Home
Mike Axworthy - Swingin'

Barb Sharples - I Fall To Pieces
Clarence Goyetche - Are You Lonesome Tonight
Clarence Goyetche - Raining In My Heart
Dale Mallory - Same Thing Happened To Me
Ronnie Banks - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Ron Parks - Waiting For A Train
ShoobeeDooCroo - Stormy Monday Blues

Bob Murphy - Eight More Miles To Louisville
Bob Murphy - Just One Time
Bob Murphy - Slow Boat To China
Bob Murphy - Winchester Cathedral
Dwight Mallory - Wonderful Tonight
Ron Parks - Lonesome Whistle
ShoobeeDooCroo - Bluestrumental
ShoobeeDooCroo - The Weight

And I Love Her
Bummin' Around
Constitution Breakdown
Don't Worry About Me
Dream Of Yesterday
Early Morning Rain
Faded Love
Flip Flop 'n Fly
Four In The Morning
Golden Rocket
Honky Tonk Blues
I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried
I Don't Hurt Anymore
I Don't Know Why I Love You
In The Misty Moonlight
Is There Anything Left
It Would All Be Over Now
Kansas City
Life's Turned Her That Way
(Li'l Rockabilly Ditty)
Polk Salad
Quando Quando
Rose Of San Antone
See Ya Later Alligator
So Lonesome I Could Cry
The French Song
Tryin' To Get To You
Turning Off A Memory
Wait A Little Longer
Yellow Bird
You Win Again
(Bubs Brown, Clarence Goyetche, Douglas Gill, Ronnie Banks, Ron Parks)
(Bob Murphy, Mike Elliott, Paul MacDonald, John Jordan)


"lynn the synn" (soul of shubiedo) on sticks :-)

(no audio for 2009)

- OutTake -
Bob Glaze - Big City
Bob Glaze - Brown Eyed Girl
Bob Glaze - Last Dance
Dale Mallory - Cool As A Rule
Dale Mallory - Diggy Liggy Li
Dale Mallory - Little Ways
Dale Mallory - Long Black Veil
Dale Mallory - Memphis In The Meantime
Dale Mallory - Sonny's Dream
Dwight Mallory - Wonderful Tonight
Mike Axworthy - Holding Things Together
Mike Axworthy - How I'd Love To Lay You Down
Mike Axworthy - Killin' Time
Mike Axworthy - Wish I Coulda Been There
Ron Parks - I Don't Hurt Anymore
Ron Parks - Life's Railway
Steph Corbett - Holding On
Steph Corbett - Hotel California

barb sharples (vocals)
bev gelling (fiddle, steel guitar)
bob glaze (vocals, beat box)
bob murphy (vocals, guitar)
bubs brown (lead guitar)
clarence goyetche (vocals, guitar)
dale mallory (vocals, lead guitar)
doug gill (lead guitar, bass)
dwight mallory (bass, vocals)
jim aylward (bass)
joe steele (piano, acoustic guitar)
john jordan (flat top, vocals, tambourine, smiles, etc.)
lynn graveson (clickin' sticks)
mike axworthy (vocals, guitar)
mike elliott (fiddle, bass, vocals)
paul macdonald (keys)
peter goguen (bass)
ronnie banks (piano, harp, vocals, bass)
ron parks (vocals, guitar, harp, drums)
steph corbett (vocals)

John Jordan    Bob Murphy, Barb Sharples, Clarence Goyetche    Bob Murphy, Ron Parks, Ronnie Banks    Bob Murphy

Dwight Mallory    Paul MacDonald    Bob Glaze, Mike Axworthy    Dale Mallory

Bubs Brown    Douglas Gill    Joe Steele

(handy-cam view)

(out-front view)


bob murphy (vocal/guitar), mike elliott (bass), paul macdonald (keys)

bob murphy (vocal/guitar), mike elliott (bass), ronnie banks (piano)

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