David Avard Illsley
(all poems copyrighted)

Abandoned Lady Of The Insiko
Big Angus MacGrue
Blackboard Of My Soul
Charlie Morse
Cherokee Woman
Children Of The Forest
Coffee And Tea
Color Me Blue
Crazy Jack
Diamond Fred
Drops Of Rain
Elvis Made It Past Forty
Flagler's On Fire
Her Name Was Nancy
Honolulu Hana
I Know An Angel
Jesus Could Walk On Water
Keeper Of The Light
Look Down At Your Toes
Mud Pie Swamp
My Cold Water Flat
My Woman Always Liked Pine
Old Man Striker And His Red-Headed Whore
Pebble In A Brook
Stella Rose
Tell Me Where It Itches
Ten Miles Off Quoddy's Head
The Angel Bell
The Camel's Back
The Crops In The Field
The Day Two Sisters Died
The Devil's Daughter
The Dollar Sign
The Escape Of Jacques Pineaux
The Grey Ghost Of French Frigate Shoals
The Kona Nightingales
The Mary Dundee
The Memphis-Buffalo Run
The Ocean Of Broken Dreams
The Slowest Train That Ever Was
The Traders Of Cape Fear
This Man Of No Account
Union Blue, Confederate Gray
What If Bob Stewart Went To Heaven?
What If God Is Bald?
When An Angel Cries
Where The Grass Grows Greener